Mini SUB Adventure

Overview - Mini SUB Adventure

Cruise underneath the surface of the Caribbean on your own personal SUB, a futuristic underwater motor-scooter. This submarine may resemble something out of the latest sci-fi thriller but these fantastic vehicles actually exist.

These self-contained underwater diving vehicles are equipped with a large two-foot transparent dome that keeps your head perfectly dry throughout your voyage around the underwater reefs. Invented in the 1990's by a Florida-based company ( Bell Aqua), the SUBs were featured on the television series "Sea Quest." These sea-horse shaped SUBs offer a safe, convenient method of exploring the vibrant reefs and coral gardens off the shore of the Bahamas.

The reefs are teeming with a diverse array of marine life, including sea turtles, manta rays, mollusks, and a colorful spectrum of tropical fish.Have no experience scuba diving? Never even snorkeled? No problem. Our SUBs are the perfect method to witness the fantastic panoramic views below the surface of the Caribbean.

Our knowledgeable and professional instructors will teach you everything you need to know about operating these user-friendly vehicles. First-time novices and diving veterans alike will enjoy this rare expedition.The bubble is large enough for your head and even your hands. Wear your eyeglasses and adjust them as necessary. Under the dome, you simply breathe normally without the use of snorkel tubes or regulators used in scuba diving. Bring an underwater camera with you and snap photos by holding your camera up to the outside of the dome. Propelled by a small battery operated engine, you maintain full control over your personal SUB.

Full precautions are taken by our expert divers to assure a safe and enjoyable experience. Air stored in a SCUBA cylinder is kept continuously flowing into your dome with a regulator manufactured by ScubaPro, the world's leading manufacturer of underwater life support.

Tour Highlights

  • No certification required
  • Unique self-contained mini-sub
  • Explore coral reefs unlike any other
  • 35 minutes of in-water time
  • Small groups